Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I wash my stall curtains?

We suggest that you hang them over a rail fence panel and either power wash them or gently wash with brush and mild detergent to clean off stable dirt, animal urine, mud from the bottom of curtains, etc. Then power rinse with clean water and allow to air dry while on the fence panel. It’s important to dust off the curtains with a hand broom when taking them down at the end of a show, properly fold them and store in a dry plastic tub.

2. Can I dry clean the name panel?

Name panels have differing characteristics than a solid wall curtain. First, there are multiple colors, some of which could actually run when wet, especially the red cordura and webbing. We suggest that a name panel be thoroughly dusted off at the end of a show and properly folded and stored. If necessary, spot cleaning with mild solution should remove any soil. As a last resort, you could ask your cleaners if they can assure you that dry cleaning will not cause any colors to run.

3. What’s the easiest way to hang the curtains, valance and name panel at a show?

The most common way being used by many trainers is to attach lx2 or 2×2 wood strips to the top of the stall walls using duct tape or wire. Then they drape the top of the solid wall curtain over the top of the stall wall and staple it to the wood strips after adjusting the length to be about an inch above the floor. Next, center the name panel and staple it to the curtain (and wood strip underneath). Finally, take the valance and do the same. An alternate to staples and wood strips is to carry a plastic tub of E-Z clamps (pic on website) that are available at home improvement stores. Much easier to clamp curtains, name panel and valances in place. And finally, the most professional way is to use the Stall Curtain Support System we sell that is a combination of 4′ sectional poles and horizontal rods that hang all curtains a full 8′ height and easily attach to the stalls using plastic snap ties. See pies on website of clients using the rod system.

4. How do I hang stall door panels on the horse’s stall door?

These panels are either 30″ square or 40″ square and have a pocket at the top for insertion of a wooden dowel available at most home improvement stores. We suggest eyelet screws in both ends of the dowel and a decorative chain to attach the dowel to the grill of the door. Be sure to keep the top of the material down a couple of inches or more to keep your horse from nibbling on it.

5. How long does it take to get an order?

Based on orders currently in production, we generally take about 4 weeks from receipt of funds confirming your order.

6. What forms of payment do you take?

We accept personal or business checks and payment through PayPal (credit card or whatever you set up with them). For credit card payments through PayPal, we add a 4% processing fee that PayPal charges us. I’ll send you a “Request for Payment” through PayPal and PayPal will notify you to securely and privately process the payment directly with them.

7. Can I send you a name panel to change the name on?

It is very difficult to make a name change on any cordura material due to the type of process used to apply the lettering and logo. Generally, material may fade slightly over time and that fading will show up when letters/logo are removed. Also, residue from the special adhesive used on letters will mar the fabric under the original letter. It’s always best to just do a new panel. The time and labor costs for removal generally exceeds the cost of a new product.

8. Can I make a deposit and pay the balance upon completion?

Generally, we require a minimum of 50% of the order to be paid up front as every order is custom made to the client’s color choices, package size and especially logo and lettering requirements. The balance is due upon completion and prior to shipment. We notify you a few days in advance so you have time to submit the payment and we can ship to meet your deadline.

9. Do you have any completed curtains or packages in popular color choices in stock?

Occasionally, we will have a Package I in stock and a couple of different color/trim choices, but one needs to call to ascertain same. We are more in to custom producing a client’s specific needs.

10. You list table covers on your price list. What type of table of tables do you recommend?

All of our table cover patterns are for the heavy duty white vinyl banquet style tables available at Sam’s Club and Costco. The most popular table ordered by our clients is the 20 x 48 (top dimensions) as it sits just under the name panel on the end wall. Next popular is the 24 x 48. Table covers help to dress up your overall package and the front of the cover can be lettered or logoed to match your ranch name.

11. Can you help us determine our trim colors, lettering and logo options, etc.

You bet, our objective is to give you the best looking, professional set of curtains at your show. We also give advice on how to save money by not overdoing the lettering on additional items in the package. Many times just the initials or logo of the ranch can be used on stall door panels whereas the name panel may have the complete ranch name and logo and trainer’s name or even city and state on it. Many customers like the ranch name across the valance and something different on the name panel which hangs just below the valance. Common colors/trim, logos and brands tie the entire package together visually.

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